XAM – Prepare to be Judged


Group of russian developers presented us with an early access game on Steam, called Xam. Xam is a free-to-play arena where players fight in short, intensive real-time fights. Exactly the same as legendary Bloodline Champions game, but this time in science fiction settings.
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Transistor from Supergiant Games announced


Supergiant Games, the makers of Bastion, announced a new project called Transistor, slated for early 2014. Continue reading

Frozen Endzone from Mode 7 Announced


Coming in 2014 from Mode 7 (makers of Frozen Synapse), Frozen Endzone will be the premiere tactical future sports game! From what is seen in the trailer, the game will utilize simultaneous moves by both players which was the essence of Frozen Synapse tactics.

Website: frozenendzone.com

Steam Greenlight page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=130862114

Frozen Synapse DLC test

The Mode 7 Games announced today that the DLC for their hugely popular Frozen Synapse game is going into closed beta test next week. The new DLC will be paid content, but the developers assured the players that the both versions of the game will be connected aka players can play against each other, even if the one doesn’t have DLC.

Among other things Frozen Synapse DLC brings:

New unit, New game mode, Mutators, Existing campaign playable in co-op, Hotseat (this will be available to all, not just the DLC, but it’s being tested in the DLC beta atm), Timed turns.

Also for this DLC developers opted for 2vsAI impementation, where complete campaign can be played co-op with addition to new missions.

The Mode 7 Games promised that the next hot thing – 2vs2 mode will be implemented in near future, probably next DLC.

Air Mech from Carbon Games

Carbon Games, core members of Titan Games, creators of critically acclaimed ‘Fat Princess” game, are making a new gem. Announced last year at PAX, Air Mech is a completely different game, with the inspiration taken from adored titles from Gameboy Advance – Advanced Wars, Super Robot Wars etc.

AirMech is developed for Native Client (a plugin technology that runs inside Chrome browser), and also for PC and other platforms.

If you would like to check our the AirMech alpha build or how Native Client works for you, you can join AirMech Alpha Google Group and you will get access to latest build of AirMech running on Native Client.

You can watch the videos of AirMech on Carbon Games’ YouTube channel.

As for you who wanna learn to play you can watch the AirMech Gameplay guide .